“Listen” by Beyonce (Cover by Kris Kostov)

Kris uploaded a short cover of Beyoncé’s hit song Listen on Twitter and Instagram. He surprises me every single time with his magical voice. He posted on his twitter with a reason why he’s not showing his face…

Be sure to watch the cover in the embed Twitter post below. I promise you, you won’t regret it!


Welcome to Kris Kostov Daily!

We are so excited to finally open this website. It has been open for public for some days but I’ve been working on the pages before we could start posting but we’ll officially start updating this site daily from now on. The design and idea of this fansite was my idea. Then I (Sabina) asked my best friend Rainna to join to get some help which she accepted! We’re gonna give you everything that’s going on in Kristian Kostov’s life, of course not everything but the most important for us fans to know. We recommend you all to check the pages with information about us and Kris, some of the pages are still in process but finished enough to open the site. The gallery is not at all finished and it won’t be for a long time I guess.

I hope you all are excited to follow this journey together with us. Thank you all for patiently waiting for this site to be active. #TeamKris 

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