“Wolves” cover by Kris Kostov – originally by Selena Gomez & Marshmello

Yesterday, Kris finally uploaded his forgotten cover that he did while he was in Spain in February. The cover of the song Wolves originally by Selena Gomez & Marshmello. We are so surprised how he even could forget he did this cover. It’s so raw and just perfect. You can notice it’s something very special with the cover, it’s a one take video.

I wanna quote Messy‘s message (one of KKD team‘s admins) in our group chat about the cover because she got it so right!

It’s so beautiful in both vocals and visuals.

I can’t agree more with my co-admin. This is such an aesthetic cover and the location is on point. If you haven’t watched the cover yet or want to rewatch you can find the video below.

Selena has been giving us lots of love with her music lately, so I decided to upload a cover of one of my favorite songs by her. Did this in February during my terrific trip to Spain and got too busy with the EP to edit the cover. BTW!!! This is the first recording I made with the amazing Shure Undyne mic that EBBA so kindly presented me with!! Dunno about you, but I love the sound. Warm and mello (bad pun alert!) – Kris Kostov

Kris’ new YouTube video – Kristian Kostov Q&A June 2018

Earlier tonight our dear Kris Kostov uploaded his latest Q&A on his YouTube channel. He answered two of Messy‘s questions (Messy is a part of the KKD team). Congrats babe for the answers!

I just have to start off with how inspiring he is and he can bright up and give me some strength to go through the hard days. But I’m so weak for his comments about Team Kris, because you can notice how much he adore every single one of us. We should be so thankful to be a part of this family we created to him.

I don’t wanna say so much more about the Q&A more than that he mention a song title from the upcoming EP, exciting! I really can’t wait to get to hear the 4 songs. Kris better release the EP soon, we have waited too long for it, right? You can find the video below, be sure to check it out! It’s a lot of love included in it.

“Serendipity” cover by Kris Kostov – originally by BTS (방탄소년단)

Since the Eurovision week is over we are finally back with some other news not only of Eurovision. We’re starting off with Kris’ new video on his youtube channel that he uploaded earlier today. The video is a cover and music video of “Serendipity” originally by the South Korean boy band BTS (방탄소년단).

I still can’t get over how aesthetic this boi is. I guess he was born that way but it’s starting to annoy me a bit haha because he makes everything so artistic and professional. Also, I think he’s starting to find his Kazakh/Chinese/Korean origins in himself, he slowly starting look more like his big brother Daniel whose I think has very clear looks from their mother’s Kazakh/Chinese/Korean origins.

Daniel is also the music producer of this cover and Kris’ friend Misha is the director and editor of the video. When these three working together it always ends up into something unique and creative.

Enjoy Kris’ the cover and if you haven’t subscribed to him yet…what are you waiting for? Subscribe to his channel and Misha’s channel!

Last and not least, I added a bunch of screencaps that you can find on the link below the video.

Music > Music Videos > 2018 > Screencaptures > Serendipity (Cover)

EUROVISION WEEK ♡ DAY #6 – Eurovision artists arrive home

We have reached day 6 of this Eurovision week and sadly this is the last “regular” post for the theme week (read below for more information). For today’s post we decided to post the arrive home video that Eurovision posted of the artists from 2017 arrive home again after the busy weeks in Kyiv.

I love all the support the artists seems to get when they arrive back to their countries. It’s so nice to see how the country comes together to welcome the artists home!

Since this is the last “real” Eurovision week post we wanna say thank you for all visits and support we have gotten this week. But it’s not over yet because we still have something extraordinary to post that we hope can go up tomorrow or on Monday but stay tuned! You don’t wanna miss it!

Enjoy the video! Have a good night everyone.


EUROVISION WEEK ♡ DAY #4 – Postcard of Kris Kostov from Bulgaria

Wow, we’re already on day 4 of this week dedicated to Eurovision Song Contest 2017! We really enjoy this week because it gives us a lot of nostalgia and happiness! So…for the day 4, we want to share Kris’ postcard/introduction (the commentators use the postcards as the introduction for the entries). In Bulgaria’s postcard we can meet a dog, join a birthday party, a trip on an airboard and dancing on the streets. I think it’s very creative and enjoyable.

We also have two albums in the gallery with behind the scenes and one with screencaps. Make sure to visit the gallery to find them in Appearances & Events > 2017 > Eurovision Song Contest 2017.

Enjoy the postcard below and please visit us again tomorrow for another post of this special week!

EUROVISION WEEK ♡ DAY #3 – Kris at The Israeli Party in Kyiv

During the Eurovision season 2017, Kris actually attended all the preparties ..! That involved a lot of travelling and little sleep, but also a lot of great new experiences.

In Kyiv, he also attended the Israeli Eurovision Party, which was held on May 8th in the Euroclub. There were many other artists performing as well, like the French, Estonian, German, Dutch, Austrian, Romanian, Macedonian, Serbian and Israeli contestants.

The video of Kris performing Beautiful Mess at the Israeli Eurovision Party in Kyiv was posted on YouTube May 9th, exactly one year ago today. Enjoy!

EUROVISION WEEK ♡ DAY #2 – Eurovision finale slideshow

This week is so emotional for TeamKris, as it’s Eurovision week, and we all think back to the amazing achievement of Kris in Eurovision 2017 with the amazing song Beautiful Mess.

At only 17 he did an unforgettable performance both in the semifinale and in the grand finale! Many of TeamKris knew Kris from long before May 2017, but a lot of us discovered this magical performer and beautiful person, both inside and out, during Eurovision. We can’t believe it’s a year ago!

Here is a slideshow with pictures from his performance, with his finale performance as sound!


PS! Tonight it’s Equinox’s turn to perform in the semifinale of ESC 2018, and as Kris, we in KrisKostovDaily all want them to win!