“Naked” cover by Kristian Kostov (originally by Christopher)

Yesterday (April 26) after Kris‘ adventure at the airport he recorded a short cover to Instagram and Twitter of Naked, a song originally by Christopher by the piano.

Please give the cover a like on his twitter and instagram. I decided to link the video from Nanna‘s YouTube channel (Devoted TeamKris) but he deserves so many likes on his posts too so be sure to give your support because he was very disappointed after the situation at the airport and his cover is totally amazing.

We decided to wait to post this cover because of too many posts during one day. So if you still haven’t listened/watched or want to do it again, you can do it below!

Whenever I’m in pain, I sing🐯 #cover#singer#naked

— Kristian Kostov (@KristianKostov_) (link to tweet and Instagram)