TBT – Artists singing Imagine live @ UNICEF’s 25th Anniversary of the Adoption of CRC 2014

First, we wanna say sorry for lack of updates this week but we have more important stuff we need to take care before KKD at the moment. It’s middle of exams, lots of work and focus on to get the health under control. But I searched around yesterday and found some content that could be perfect to use as a TBT this week. It’s the performance of John Lennon‘s “Imagine” from UNICEF‘s 25th Anniversary of the Adoption of UNCRC. Kris was one of the honored artists to sing at this Unicef charity event for the #IMAGINE project that took place in New York on November 20, 2014.

UNICEF invites young Russian singer Kristian Kostov to join Hugh Jackman, Katy Perry, Yoko Ono and David Guetta to sing John Lennon’s Imagine and help raise awareness of children’s rights.

Grand finale of a performance of ‘Imagine’, led by the 15 year old singer, Kristian Kostov, who is then joined by all artists on the main stage of the Hall where Yoko Ono sits at a white piano; all are accompanied by a 65 person children’s choir coming down the aisles from the back of the Hall to the stage

Russian singer Kristian Kostov is the only teenage pop star among a host of high profile supporters from all regions in the world to join the #IMAGINE concert, organized by renowned music producer and DJ David Guetta and artist Yoko Ono.

Source: Some official sites of Unicef


He even got to speak in front of the audience. 14 years old. He’s so grown up for this age especially in this video (please watch the whole video).

I uploaded a few photos in the gallery yesterday from the event that I think you should check out. You find the gallery links below the video.

I hope you like the TBT and once again we’re utterly sorry for the inactivity. We hope we’ll be better at updating soon!


Appearances & Events > 2014 > The UNICEF launch of the #IMAGINE Project – New York, US (November 20) > Photocall
Appearances & Events > 2014 > The UNICEF launch of the #IMAGINE Project – New York, US (November 20) > Performing “Imagine” on stage

TBTThe Last Time (Cover) ft. Jazz Parking Band @ Мьюзик Паркинг 2016

For this week’s TBT, we’ve decided to go with an amazing performance by Kris from the Grand Gala show of the singing competition Мьюзик Паркинг 2016 – Music Park 2016 (Jazz Parking Festival) in Moscow in March 2016. He joined the grand gala show as a special guest artist. He sang a cover of Eric Benet‘s beautiful song The Last Time together with Jazz Parking Band (he has worked with them before when he became one of Jazz Parking‘s resident artists in 2011-2013).

We really like this performance so it was a very easy choice for this week’s TBT!

Also we wanna remind you about the exclusive video project we did for Kris for the one-year anniversary of Eurovision 2017 with some help from his friends Jowst (Joakim With Steen) and Cesár Sampson (backing vocalist for Kris in Eurovision and competed as main artist for Austria this year). They sent us video messages where they shared exclusive moments they remember from last year’s Eurovision. Please share the YouTube link to Kris because we think he still hasn’t seen the whole thing (Link to the video) and of course enjoy the video of Kris singing The Last Time below!

TBT – “If I ain’t got you” cover at “Остров.ру” festival (2014)

In today’s Throwback Thursday we will go back to 2014 when Kris performed “If I ain’t got you” by Alicia Keys at Ostrov.ru Festival held in Naro-Fominsk, Russia. He has performed this song few times, one of them in the audition for “The Voice Kids” when he chose Dima Bilan to be his coach and became one of the finalists later.


TBT – All of me cover, Kristian Kostov and Sophie Fay

This beautiful cover of All of me by Kris and Sophie Fay was posted on VK by Kris’ friend Ira Bogomolova in October 2014.

Sophie is also Kris’ friend, and an artist like him.  She has actually released several singles lately, from LNT in October 2017 to her 4th single Around U last week, April 20th 2018.  Check her out on Instagram here.

Let’s hope they will sing some more together, because this sounds amazing! Enjoy!



TBT – Talking To The Moon Cover @ School of Music 2012

I thought it was about time to share very TBT this week. It’s the cover that Kris did of Bruno Mars song Talking to the moon on the Russian tv-show School of Music back in 2012. Which means that Kris was 12 years old, just think of that when you press play. He was already back then such an amazing singer.

Also.. I hope everything works fine on the site after we switched host earlier this week. I’ve got some amazing news to share and one bad one. I finally got back-up in the team, Nanna and Messy will join me here posting news and photos from now on. Rainna has family issues which ended up with that she can’t continue to be a part of the KKD team but hopefully everything will be solved but right now it’s like this and we need to accept it.

Anyway, please enjoy this week’s TBT below!

Exciting news about Eurovision In Concert 2018 in Amsterdam

Exciting news reached me earlier today when a notification showed up on my phone. It was a retweet by Kris where it was accounced that he will perform at 10th annual Eurovision in Concert together with Equinox (this year’s Eurovision Bulgarian act) at the arena AFAS Live in Amsterdam, the Netherlands on April 14 (tomorrow).

The event will take place in a different venue than the past years it’s going to be held in AFAS Live, Amsterdam’s biggest concert halls, it’s huge compared to the old venue Melkweg. EIC is the biggest promo/pre-party for Eurovision, an annual event since 10 years back.

Kris joined Eurovision In Concert last year too, and I’m so happy he gets to experience it again this year. It’s tickets available to buy so if you live in Amsterdam or can travel you should buy your tickets on the link here and read more info on their official site, like which other acts that will join the concert.

I thought since the weekly TBT didn’t get published yesterday I decided to share the performance from last year’s EIC in this post because it’s worth sharing on the site. I hope you enjoy the late TBT.

Credit for the video EuroVisionary on Youtube and for the featured photo BNT Eurovision Bulgaria‘s head of press, Vasil Ivanov.

TBT – Kris singing Give Me Love on the streets of London (17.04.01)

I thought since we sadly didn’t post our weekly TBT last thursday I could post this short video of Kris singing “Give Me Love” originally by Ed Sheeran on the streets of London during his Eurovision promo tour. He joined the pre-party in London for exactly one year ago! I also wanna say that I’ll spam the gallery with photos from Eurovision 2017 in the upcoming days, I added a couple of photos earlier today that you can find in the gallery. (Will be added into this post later)

Enjoy the video below!