New design – Version #2 (Rose Gold)

We have finally got up a new layout on the site. It was about time to change after using the old one since February. For the second time I (Sabina) designed and coded this design all by my own. I want this site to be completely by the KKD team. I wanted the design to get a more summer look and the photos by Misha took of Kris with cherry blossom and rose was perfect to use. I decided to name the design Rose Gold because of the photos.

We have more of these photos in the gallery in case you’re interested to see the full shoot, you can find a link to the gallery below.

I’m very proud how the design turned out. I don’t even wanna know how many hours I spent on this. The main goal was to make the featured photos to be more involved in the posts and to blend in, which I think I succeeded to get. The header is much simpler than the old one but recently I like simple more than advanced. We love the design and we hope you do too!

We would love to know what you think about the new look, leave a comment below what you think of the new design or tweet us.

If you experience any issues with the design please contact us asap. I guess if you find any issues it’s because I messed up the responsive coding. It’s a bit tricky to design responsive (to make the layout fit all devices such as computers, tablets and mobiles ect) sometimes!

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Photoshoots > 2018 > Misha Maksimov

Help needed! Apply to join KKD!

Hey #TeamKris, we’re in desperate need of help! We made the decision to let one or two from #TeamKris to join Kris Kostov Daily to help us update the site, we’re mostly in need of someone to help us to update the “blog” together with us.

Our mental healths and personal lives are very unsteady at the moment and we can’t update the site as much as we want to and that’s why we need your help.

We request you to be free for most of the week, that means… we require that you’ll have time to update the site combined with school, work ect.

It would be amazing if you understand Russian and/or Bulgarian because then we could post news that isn’t translated by Google. It’s not a need, it’s just a bonus!

If you have a fanpage on Insta, Twitter or Facebook please link it in the application form below.

Application deadline TBA.

We’ll get back to you when receive your application. Good luck!

(If you experience any problems with the application form please send us an email instead with same information as the form below.)

If you reading this post on the front page please click on “continue reading” to find the application form.

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Welcome to Kris Kostov Daily!

We are so excited to finally open this website. It has been open for public for some days but I’ve been working on the pages before we could start posting but we’ll officially start updating this site daily from now on. The design and idea of this fansite was my idea. Then I (Sabina) asked my best friend Rainna to join to get some help which she accepted! We’re gonna give you everything that’s going on in Kristian Kostov’s life, of course not everything but the most important for us fans to know. We recommend you all to check the pages with information about us and Kris, some of the pages are still in process but finished enough to open the site. The gallery is not at all finished and it won’t be for a long time I guess.

I hope you all are excited to follow this journey together with us. Thank you all for patiently waiting for this site to be active. #TeamKris