“Shower Thoughts” – OUT NOW!

Today (on August 10th), Kris released his debut EP Shower Thoughts. The EP includes four songs and written by himself, his brother Daniel and his brother’s wife, Maria Erke. The EP feels so close to him and raw. You can notice how much work it’s behind it. His vocals are heaven, and he gets to show us his capability of singing technique, especially in the song called Rift, it’s our favorite song of all the songs.

Be sure to listen to the whole EP, not only one song and play them in the tracklist order because it has amazing transitions to the next song. Extremely noticeable in Get It (track one) to Shower Thoughts (track two). You’ll find most of the links to the EP below but also the official audios uploaded on Kris’ possibly new official VEVO YouTube channel!

We also translated a mini-interview from the Russian Muz1.tv, where Kris tell us about the EP (if you visit from the homepage, click on continue reading for the interview).

Listen and/or buy Shower Thoughts


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Pre-save “Shower Thoughts” on Spotify!

I hope you guys like that the site is finally starting to get up to date again, this week it has been so much to update and since I got back the passion for the site, I want to do what I can do to make up to the updating that happened the last couple of months.

Today’s post will be another post about Shower Thoughts, but since it’s the release week, it’s pretty evident that the site will be updated about the EP.

It’s possible to pre-save Shower Thoughts on Spotify. If you pre-save it, Spotify automatically creates a playlist with the EP on release day (August 10th), and you’ll get a notification when you can play it! If you haven’t pre-saved yet, you can do it on this link.

Also, I had right about the preview of the songs while counting down. Today, we got the preview of Rift. Be sure to listen to the preview below.

I can see this is a song that can give many tears as Lullaby. The EP is an emotional road, and it feels so close to Kris, we get to know the story behind who he is.

Last and not least, check out the promotional photos together with HQ cover of Shower Thoughts in the gallery, taken by Michael Kumarov.

“Shower Thoughts” – OUT on August 10th!

Yesterday, our dear Kris announced that his EP Shower Thoughts will be released on August 10th, which means THIS FRIDAY. That soon was closer than expected. I’m literally freaking out or the whole KKD team… not only me.

And to make us more excited he uploaded another sneak peek, which probably is the instrumental from the song Lullaby, I bet he’s gonna give us one preview of the three songs that are on the EP more than Get It.

Today, it’s 3 days left and today’s song was Lullaby and that leave us to two more songs until Friday. That makes a lot of sense to me. Hopefully, I have right this time.

Listen to the preview of the beautiful Lullaby below.

“Shower Thoughts” Promotional Teaser (HD quality)

I’m very excited to share this aesthetic video (exclusively converted into 1080p) that Kris posted around his social media earlier today (on August 3). It’s a promotional teaser of the upcoming EP Shower Thoughts, cinematography by Michael Kumarov (@neosoznal).

All these sneak peeks just messing with my mind. But when is the soon that he always talks about?

I guess it’s just to wait and see…

But it’s not ending there, I added 69 screencaps of the teaser that you can find on the link below the video.


Music > Shower Thoughts (2018) > Screencaptures > Promotional Teaser

Burning Bridges (Edwin Klift Remix) OUT NOW!

Today (on August 3rd), Edwin Klift released his remix of Jowst and Kris’ collabration song called Burning Bridges. I wanted to do a quick post to help you all to find it!

I’m in love with the remix, it feels very summerish. It will definitely be on repeat together with Get It from now on.

Be sure to check out the remix of Burning Bridges! You find the lyrics video for it below together with links to streaming sites and where to buy it.

Listen and/or buy Burning Bridges (Edwin Klift Remix)

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“Get It” out now!

Today (on July 27th), Kris released his single Get It from the upcoming EP Shower Thoughts. The song is written by Kris himself, his brother Daniel and his brother’s wife Maria Erke. It’s produced by himself, his brother Daniel and Sasha Xuman. This song is such an unique and well-produced song. We love how he opens up and finally let us see his vulnerable side both in writing and vocally. This makes us so excited for the rest of the songs from Shower Thoughts. He has told us before that this EP will be very personal and close to him. We’re more than proud to be here as a part of his journey, this is just the beginning of something big.

We also wanna promote the project that three girls (Darena, Helena and Vassiliki) have started on Instagram, contact them for more information than what you’ll get here. You will request Get It on local radio stations, but also request it outside your own country. We’ll put together a list of different European stations with links for requesting. Find your station on this link (to be updated, check it frequently for updated list).

Be sure to listen to Get It. You’ll find most of the links to the song below (you can find the lyrics in the video description), but also the official audio uploaded on Kris’ YouTube channel!

We also translated a mini-interview by the Russian Muz1.tv, where Kris tell us about Get It (if you visit from homepage, click on continue reading for the interview).

Listen and/or buy “Get It

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“Get it” – out on July 27th

We finally have an official release date for the first song from Kris’ EP! «Get it» will be out in a week (July 27th). Fun fact… Messy (one of the admins) was the one solving the puzzle about the date. Good job there! I’ll speak for us all that we’re so happy and excited about that it’s time for the release of one of the songs he has worked on the past year. His brother has answered a fan (on VK) that it’s just one of the songs that will be released now, the rest of the songs from the EP will be released shortly after «Get it», which we hope won’t be too far away. He’s probably gonna release the songs with his new label Polydor/Island Records, a part of Universal Music Group is something we’re almost as much proud of. 

Yes, he’s officially a part of the “UMG family” after being signed with Virginia Records since 2015, he will stay with them in the territory of Bulgaria but the rest of the world he belongs to the Polydor/Island Records.

And something more exciting is that Jowst and Kris are going to release Burning Bridges as a remix by Edwin Klift on August 3rd. We can’t wait to get hear the remix, we bet it’s epic as the EP will be!

We’ll update the site more often now when it’s finally been time for the release, but to be honest we’re mostly active on our social media, there you get daily updates! You find us as @KrisKostovDaily on Twitter and Instagram but also Kris Kostov Daily on Facebook.