TBT – “If I ain’t got you” cover at “Остров.ру” festival (2014)

In today’s Throwback Thursday we will go back to 2014 when Kris performed “If I ain’t got you” by Alicia Keys at Ostrov.ru Festival held in Naro-Fominsk, Russia. He has performed this song few times, one of them in the audition for “The Voice Kids” when he chose Dima Bilan to be his coach and became one of the finalists later.


“Naked” cover by Kristian Kostov (originally by Christopher)

Yesterday (April 26) after Kris‘ adventure at the airport he recorded a short cover to Instagram and Twitter of Naked, a song originally by Christopher by the piano.

Please give the cover a like on his twitter and instagram. I decided to link the video from Nanna‘s YouTube channel (Devoted TeamKris) but he deserves so many likes on his posts too so be sure to give your support because he was very disappointed after the situation at the airport and his cover is totally amazing.

We decided to wait to post this cover because of too many posts during one day. So if you still haven’t listened/watched or want to do it again, you can do it below!

Whenever I’m in pain, I sing🐯 #cover#singer#naked

— Kristian Kostov (@KristianKostov_) (link to tweet and Instagram)

“RIP Avicii” Mash Up cover by Kristian Kostov

Kris uploaded a very emotional cover on his Instagram earlier this hour where he sings two of Avicii‘s songs The Nights and Waiting for Love as a tribute to him. I guess no one has missed about this but…one of the world’s best musicians died yesterday, Tim Bergling or more known as Avicii and was one of Sweden’s most amazing producers. I’m so proud of our world that came together for him yesterday after the news. I’m so happy Kris decided to do a cover as a tribute. I actually could see they collaborate one day but now it will never happen, which is so sad. RIP Tim, Avicii. His death really makes the quote “Live everyday as it’s your last”.

You never know when these things happen.

Tim, if you hear us please enjoy this cover Kris did as a tribute to you. Rest in peace.

IDGAF cover by Kristian Kostov & Natasha Kay

Earlier this afternoon Kris posted a new cover on his YouTube channel of Dua Lipa‘s “IDGAF” together with the Greek YouTuber and singer Natasha Kay. I posted a video of them singing Beautiful Mess for some week ago (where you can find here). They recorded this while Kris was in Greece earlier this year and I’m in love with their voices together. The cover is fantastic and Kris Kostov Daily co-owner and my best friend Rainna is a big fan of Dua. I wanted her to post this but sadly since it’s a time difference between Europe and USA she hasn’t time to post it this as quick as I could. So I hope you’re fine with that I posted this for you R. <3

Enjoy the cover and please subscribe to Kris and Natasha!

Kris’ description of the video:

It was so much fun to make this cover! We kinda tried to keep it family-friendly and not say THE WORD, but in the end I messed up! (as always 0_0) Though it was too funny to cut it out, so I hope you laugh as much as we did!

“Listen” by Beyonce (Cover by Kris Kostov)

Kris uploaded a short cover of Beyoncé’s hit song Listen on Twitter and Instagram. He surprises me every single time with his magical voice. He posted on his twitter with a reason why he’s not showing his face…

Be sure to watch the cover in the embed Twitter post below. I promise you, you won’t regret it!