Burning Bridges (Edwin Klift Remix) OUT NOW!

Today (on August 3rd), Edwin Klift released his remix of Jowst and Kris’ collabration song called Burning Bridges. I wanted to do a quick post to help you all to find it!

I’m in love with the remix, it feels very summerish. It will definitely be on repeat together with Get It from now on.

Be sure to check out the remix of Burning Bridges! You find the lyrics video for it below together with links to streaming sites and where to buy it.

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IDGAF cover by Kristian Kostov & Natasha Kay

Earlier this afternoon Kris posted a new cover on his YouTube channel of Dua Lipa‘s “IDGAF” together with the Greek YouTuber and singer Natasha Kay. I posted a video of them singing Beautiful Mess for some week ago (where you can find here). They recorded this while Kris was in Greece earlier this year and I’m in love with their voices together. The cover is fantastic and Kris Kostov Daily co-owner and my best friend Rainna is a big fan of Dua. I wanted her to post this but sadly since it’s a time difference between Europe and USA she hasn’t time to post it this as quick as I could. So I hope you’re fine with that I posted this for you R. <3

Enjoy the cover and please subscribe to Kris and Natasha!

Kris’ description of the video:

It was so much fun to make this cover! We kinda tried to keep it family-friendly and not say THE WORD, but in the end I messed up! (as always 0_0) Though it was too funny to cut it out, so I hope you laugh as much as we did!

Kristian Kostov & Natasha Kay – Beautiful Mess (Duet version)

I scrolled through our twitter feed earlier this hour and saw that Nanna (Devoted TeamKris) had shared this amazing cover of Beautiful Mess. The Greek singer Natasha Kay and Kris recorded a cover of Beautiful Mess as a duet when he visited Greece last month. I’m shook of how much talent that exists in this video. The first thing I noticed when Kris started to sing was how mature his vocals are in this version. It’s because he recorded the original version of Beautiful Mess when he was 16 years old and of course his singing technique has improved a lot since then. Be sure to watch the video below and don’t forget subscribe to their YouTube channels: Natasha Kay and Kris Kostov.

Burning Bridges by JOWST ft. Kristian Kostov is out!

Kris released his new single yesterday (on March 9). Burning Bridges is produced and written by Joakim With Steen (JOWST). Kris got the honor to be the vocalist on his song. JOWST represented Norway in Eurovision 2017 together with Aleksander Walmann while Kris represented Bulgaria. Burning Bridges is a song that was an instrumental in different versions when Kris got the question to join. I think his vocals fits so well to the song, I hope they will do another song together soon again. You can find the links to the song below and an interview from Eurovision.tv (that you can find by clicking on Continue reading if you’re on the frontpage)

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Kris testing Hellenic food (ft. the Greek YouTuber Manuella)

While Kris was in Greece for some days this month, he visited the Greek YouTuber Manuella to make a YouTube collaboration video. She had prepared some different Hellenic dishes (Greek food) for him to try out. Since Kris is obsessed over food this was heaven for him. He’s in love with food. The reaction from him of most of the dishes was positive. He’s the food king xD I really loved this collaboration with Kris and Manuella. Be sure to watch the video below, subscribe to her and Kris.