Eurovision Star sang a song in Kazakh [Article by SPUTNIK KAZAKHSTAN]

Kristian Kostov sang a duet with opera singer Maira Mukhamedkyzy at the memorial of Batyrkhan Shukenov (on Voice of Astana)


ASTANA, 16 Jun – Sputnik. Russian and Bulgarian singer Kristian Kostov performed the song in the Kazakh language and explained how he coped with this challenge.

Second place in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2017, Kristian Kostov sang the song “Otan Ana” by Batyrkhan Shukenov. The Kazakh language is familiar to the young performer because his mother is a Kazakh.

“I understand the Kazakh language, I’m in Astana for the fifth time, and every time I sing in Kazakh but it’s the same songs. “Otan Ana” is something new for me. I think that the Kazakh language incredibly musical. This is probably one of the few languages in which there is no fragmentation into words, but there is a fragmentation into syllables. That is, one word flows into another imperceptibly. This gives so many opportunities for writing songs. I’m a composer and I can say that it makes everything simpler. Perhaps that’s why the Kazakh songs are so beautiful,” Kostov said before entering the stage at Batyr’s memorial in Astana.

Kostov performed for the second time on the same stage together with Kazakh performers. In 2012, he was lucky to sing with Batyrkhan Shukenov, and six years later Kristian sang his song in Astana with opera singer Maira Mukhamedkyzy.

“I don’t know what to say, except that I feel lucky, because I had and I have the opportunity to sing with masters, the best of the best,” Kostov said.

During the performance, Kostov could not restrain emotions and interrupted the performance of the song, saying that it was very hard for him. Together with the hall he began to sing “Otan Ana” anew and ripped off applause.

On the question whether there will be repertoire of Kostov’s songs, the artist replied that the concert “doesn’t belong to himself.” However, exclude exclusion from the Kazakh list is not worth it, he added.

“I write more in English, because I have an international contract, so I can’t say anything definite, but I never say never,” Kostov replied with a smile.

Source: Article SPUTNIK NEWS and video Видосы Казахстан

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EUROVISION WEEK ♡ DAY #2 – Eurovision finale slideshow

This week is so emotional for TeamKris, as it’s Eurovision week, and we all think back to the amazing achievement of Kris in Eurovision 2017 with the amazing song Beautiful Mess.

At only 17 he did an unforgettable performance both in the semifinale and in the grand finale! Many of TeamKris knew Kris from long before May 2017, but a lot of us discovered this magical performer and beautiful person, both inside and out, during Eurovision. We can’t believe it’s a year ago!

Here is a slideshow with pictures from his performance, with his finale performance as sound!


PS! Tonight it’s Equinox’s turn to perform in the semifinale of ESC 2018, and as Kris, we in KrisKostovDaily all want them to win!

Vote for Kris in the BG radio awards!

Kris was nominated for 5 awards in the BG Radio Annual Music Awards in 2017. He was nominated in the categories: Male singer of the year, Bulgarian debut, Bulgarian Ambassador, Bulgarian song of the year and Bulgarian video of the year.  HE WON ALL OF THEM, except the video award. He turned out to be the big winner of the award show! That was amazing, and we are so proud of him!

The 16th BG Radio Annual Music Awards will be held on the 16th of June 2018. Kris is nominated for 3 awards this year. So now it’s time to vote again! So come on TeamKris, help him experience the joy of winning the awards again this year!

The first round of the voting ends on May 9th at midnight. The five nominees in each category with most votes, will be revealed on May 10th at a special event – The Evening of the Nominations. The second round of voting will begin in the first minutes of May 11th. In this round the listeners/voters will decide who the winners in each of the categories are!

So for round 1, that ends on the 9th of May at Midnight (Bulgarian time), you need to vote for five favorites in the following 9 categories: BG debut, BG song, BG text, BG male artist, BG female artist, BG group, BG duet/trio, BG album and BG video for 2017. Kris is nominated in 3 of these categories: BG song (Beautiful Mess), BG male artist and BG video (Beautiful Mess).

To vote, you have to pick 5 favorites in each of the 9 categories. Kris is in the 1st, 4th and 9th category. Make sure you choose him, and if you don’t know the other nominees, just pick 4 others randomly. Remember to vote in all categories. When you have chosen your favorites in each category, you will get this box up:

We’ve translated for you that don’t understand Bulgarian.

Fill in all the fields (make sure you fill in your country code before your phone number) and press the grey button. You will get this message up: “ВАШИЯТ ГЛАС БЕШЕ ОТЧЕТЕН, БЛАГОДАРИМ ВИ, ЧЕ ГЛАСУВАХТЕ.” That means your vote is submitted. You can vote one time only (per e-mail address and phone number).


If you have any trouble, please contact us in Twitter or Instagram DM, and we will try to help you!

Here are 2 videos from the show in 2017:

Interview with ViewSofia (The most beautiful Bulgarian in 2017)

The Beauty Within …

Usually beautiful remains hidden for the eyes, because it is not only the vision, the intellect, or the way of dressing.

Beauty lies in the soul, in the sensation, in the emotions … and especially in the understanding of others and the sensitivity towards the world.

Today, with the most beautiful Bulgarian in 2017 , winning the next edition of our ranking – Kristan Kostov, we try to go beyond the usual beautiful, and “sing” things in a different way.

VS: Most beautiful in our Ranking is not tantamount to “Beauty is symmetry”.What is unsymmetrical for you to win our audience?
KK: Honestly, I do not think I won in your ranking because of my appearance. Winning is not mine as well as winning other competitions. The victory is #TeamKris, my fandom. They once again made me very proud and happy!

VS: How do you interpret the term “handsome”?
KK: I think every man is beautiful in one way or another. When honest, it can not be handsome. Beauty is a relative thing and you can not like it all, it’s a matter of taste.

VS: Appearance is very important, is it more important than the rest? 
KK: It is important, yes, but only for the first impression. At least you have to find your style and meet the standards of personal hygiene, that is. But, no matter how beautiful you are, you will not like it if there is nothing else under that beauty.

VS: What do you most often think you like most? 
KK: My eyes. I do not like the color of my eyes myself and I would change it.

VS: And what do you like about the others? 
KK: I can not say exactly, a question of feeling.

VS: The most beautiful refrain? 
KK: The one who is remembered for a long time.

VS: The most beautiful word for love? 
KK: Acceptance.

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Interview with SirK Magazine

Hello Kristian and welcome to our Sir K interview. You are about to turn 18 and your music career is already something many people would dream to have. How does it make you feel?

K: I just don’t feel that way. I think I’m just getting started and there is a lot to come!

Although Europe got to know you better thanks to the last Eurovision Song Contest, you started your career way before, in Russia. When you were only 6 years old, you entered the creative children studio Neposedy, which previously hosted also the future t.A.T.u. members Julia Volkova and Lena Katina. How was that experience and what was the group about?

K: The experience was priceless. The discipline, the basics of music theory, vocal and dance lessons, acting classes etc. This is where I learned the ropes.

Being so young, what was the role of your family in your career at the time?

K: Well, first of all, my family and I work together at the moment. My brother is my manager/music producer. We write music together, tour together and so on. My mum, dad and aunt are helping us a lot too, so it’s like a family thing. And, of course, they are just being the best family ever, so I’m a lucky guy!

In 2011 you started to pursue your solo career and in 2014 you starred in the first season of the talent show The Voice Kids, Russia. What can you tell us about that experience?

K: Back then I was really different from who I am today. And “The Voice” changed my life completely! I started to get my first paid gigs, and it was so strange to me. I was given so many new opportunities because of the show.

How was it to be on a massive TV production at the age of 14?

K: So, as you might know, Channel 1 is the biggest TV-channel in Russia, and I knew that, but I wasn’t scared or anything, maybe because of my young age. I think I didn’t even care about anything, I was just having fun. BUT, the thing that I’ve learned from the show is that, even on TV, you don’t get second chances, and also, not everything is fake, I mean planned and staged beforehand, like most people think.

Your coach on The Voice was Dima Bilan. How was it to work along with such a relevant star?

K: I think that he is the best artist in Russia. He’s been through a lot of good and bad things and that’s why he is who he is. Talented, intelligent, an incredible singer and performer, and also a great actor. It was my honour to work with him.

Are you still in touch with Dima?

K: Yeah, in a way. We are not chatting or talking a lot, but whenever I achieve something, I let him know. If he is free, he will always tell me what he thinks about this and that. The thing that I like the most about him is that he is always honest and approachable.

How did you feel after being eliminated from The Voice?

K: I won’t lie, failing after trying your best hurts: it is frustrating and gut- wrenching… But everything has worked out pretty well for me in the end. After the show, I dedicated myself to hard work, and hard work always pays off, no matter what.

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