KKD exclusive! Jowst and Cesár each share a Kris memory from ESC 2017

In celebration of May 13th being the 1 year anniversary of the ESC Grand Final 2017, we wanted to do something a bit extraordinary for Kris and TeamKris!

We had an idea, but we needed some help! We asked a few of the ESC 2017 artists if they would be interested in sharing a short memory about Kris from last year’s Eurovision season, and we are so grateful that Cesár and Jowst wanted to take part in our project! Cesár even recorded his greeting from the Altice Arena in Portugal on the evening of the ESC Grand Final 2018, before going on stage himself. How incredible is that..! Other artists wanted to as well, but sadly did not have the time at the present moment, as we unfortunately were a bit late in contacting them.

Watching this video ourselves, we both laughed and cried, because the memories shared are both funny and so moving, and speaks volumes about what kind of person Kris is! He is truly the best idol ever, with such a loving, caring heart!

So here it is, exclusively for the Kris Kostov Daily! Thank you so much, Jowst and Cesár, for joining our project, we truly appreciate it!

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The KKD Team behind this project is Sabina, Nanna, Messy and Lina

Gallery Update: Photos by Luce Folle

Our gallery is constantly being updated, with both old and new photos. So far we have over 4500 photos in our gallery, and more will come!

One of our recent additions are photos Luce Folle took of Kris in the summer of 2017, when he was performing at Musiconetv’s concert Maekva Live (маёвка лайв) on May 20th, and when he was taking part in the Bloggers of Russia event on June 12th (Блогерыроссии), both in Moscow.

Please credit both the photographer and the Kris Kostov Daily Website if you use any of the photos!

Appearances & Events > 2017 > маёвка лайв (Maekva Live)
Appearances & Events > 2017 > Блогерыроссии (Bloggers of Russia)

EUROVISION WEEK ♡ DAY #5 – Kris’ semifinal performance

We have reached day 5 of this week dedicated to Eurovision Song Contest 2017, and what else to share today than Kris‘ semifinal performance from May 11th 2017, a year ago to the date!

Personally, the semifinal was the first time I (Messy) saw and heard Kris perform, as I hadn’t really paid any attention to the ESC preseason. At first, he looked so tiny on that huge stage, but then he opened his mouth and I could not believe that this incredibly deep, rich voice could come from such a young boy. And the emotions..! I was completely mesmerized, why had I never heard of him before? Why wasn’t he already a world star?

So much has happened for Kris in the year that has passed since then. He himself has admitted he wasn’t prepared for all the attention he would recieve, but that he is so grateful for the possibilities his participation has brought him, regarding building his own career. We couldn’t be more proud of him!

As mentioned earlier, visit our gallery to find photos and screencaps of Kris from Appearances & Events > 2017 > Eurovision Song Contest 2017.

Enjoy his performance in the video below, and please visit us again tomorrow for another post of this special week!

Kris and Neposedy performing at the ESC 2009 Opening Party

In Kris‘ Eurovision 2018 Top 10 video, there was something that caught our attention:
“(…) Eurovision 2009, I think it was, in Russia actually, and I was opening it with an act (…) It was, it IS a fun story, I don’t wanna explain everything, but…”

Russia hosted the Eurovision Song Contest in 2009, after Dima Bilan won in 2008. On May 10th there was a Red Carpet Opening Party in the Eurodom, attracting thousands of guests from all over Europe. There were several former winners of the ESC performing, and it turns out, so was the Russian children’s music group Neposedy (Непоседы).

Kris was a member of Neposedy from around the age of 6 until the age of 11, and in the Eurovision Potpourri he was playing the part of a member of the group ABBA. They had already performed their Eurovision Potpourri at the Russian national selection as well as at the draw for the running order of the semis and the final, and now it was time to enter the big stage in front of a large international audience!

In 2009, the winner was Norway’s Alexander Rybak (fun fact: Fairytale got 2 points from Bulgaria). Alexander is taking part again this year, and even made it to number 8 on Kris’ list of Top 10 entries for 2018. Kris has mentioned wanting to go to the ESC as an audience, who knows – maybe he’ll get to meet Alexander in Lisbon next week?

We have found the videos of the performances at both the Russian national selection and the Opening Party. Enjoy!

Opening Party May 10th 2009:

Russian national selection March 7th 2009:

All’s good when the sun shines

The weather in Moscow can be unstable, it can sometimes be like experiencing all seasons in one day. Today it was sunny and around +20, which makes for a happy face, and there’s nothing TeamKris loves more!

In the Telegram Channel of Kris & Misha, Kris posted four video messages today, expressing his joy for the sunny, warm and almost summerlike weather. He was on his way to go roller skating, hoping he would survive – “wish me luck”!

Kris also mentioned the cover of Something Different by Why Don’t We that he had just recorded and posted in his Instagram account. Thank you, Kris, we are so grateful for all your recent covers!

Going to Bulgaria, stuck in Moscow …

On the morning of Thursday April 26th, Kris and Maria went to the Sheremetyevo International Airport to catch the 8:20 flight to Sofia, Bulgaria. Kris was supposed to perform at the send off party for Equinox, which most of you probably by now know to be the Bulgarian representative at Eurovision 2018 in Lisbon.

Well, no such luck … Kris and Maria arrived at the airport in time, checked their luggage and went to the passport control. A large number of people were there, so Kris and Maria had to wait in line for 2 hours and unfortunately missed their flight, as did many other passengers. Afterwards no one wanted to take responsibility for what happened, and Kris and Maria had to spend several hours at the airport retrieving their luggage, and trying to get a ticket refund, as they spent almost 600 €. This is an issue which haven’t been resolved yet. Kris was really upset on behalf of other passengers, since there were people who really couldn’t afford to stay three more nights in Moscow waiting for an available flight.

Kris apologised to his Bulgarian fans, both in his Instagram story and on Twitter, and told them he’s really sorry he wouldn’t be able to attend the send off party after all. There were no other flights going to Sofia in time for the party, but he wished them the best of luck. We would of course all love to see Kris perform with Equinox again, but sometimes things happen over which we have no control.

We have compiled the Instagram stories of Kris and Maria chronologically, to give you a sense of today’s airport adventure. See the video here:

This article is based on Instagram story translations done by kkk.stories