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Today (on August 10th), Kris released his debut EP Shower Thoughts. The EP includes four songs and written by himself, his brother Daniel and his brother’s wife, Maria Erke. The EP feels so close to him and raw. You can notice how much work it’s behind it. His vocals are heaven, and he gets to show us his capability of singing technique, especially in the song called Rift, it’s our favorite song of all the songs.

Be sure to listen to the whole EP, not only one song and play them in the tracklist order because it has amazing transitions to the next song. Extremely noticeable in Get It (track one) to Shower Thoughts (track two). You’ll find most of the links to the EP below but also the official audios uploaded on Kris’ possibly new official VEVO YouTube channel!

We also translated a mini-interview from the Russian Muz1.tv, where Kris tell us about the EP (if you visit from the homepage, click on continue reading for the interview).

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“I didn’t know what to write about”

Kristian Kostov on the new album

Kristian Kostov presented his long-awaited EP. He opened all the details of creating his first album. Read the details!

When Kris realized that he was ready to write the album, it was at that time the failure of thoughts and ideas occurred.

– I had no idea what I wanted to say with a song, more than to share it, because I had a very difficult period in my life. Family, health, overworking, personal life, everything had a reason behind that, Kris said.

Despite the fact that all the tracks are in English, try to listen to the lyrics, even if you don’t know the language.

– The first evening I didn’t write a line, because I couldn’t believe in myself. But on the second day, the heat went off, because I understood what I wanted to say. Since I feel bad and sad now, why not share it with people? What if there is someone who has the same thoughts, and it will help them, he shared.

Muz1.tv: Can you identify yourself from one track from the EP?

– Each in its way is special and important for me, and each carries a part of my emotions and feelings. I very much hope that Shower Thoughts EP will help my listeners get to know me better, and maybe someone will find themselves in our lyrics.

Article source: Muz1.tv, translated by Google and proof-read by me (sorry if there are any mistakes).

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