Pre-save “Shower Thoughts” on Spotify!

I hope you guys like that the site is finally starting to get up to date again, this week it has been so much to update and since I got back the passion for the site, I want to do what I can do to make up to the updating that happened the last couple of months.

Today’s post will be another post about Shower Thoughts, but since it’s the release week, it’s pretty evident that the site will be updated about the EP.

It’s possible to pre-save Shower Thoughts on Spotify. If you pre-save it, Spotify automatically creates a playlist with the EP on release day (August 10th), and you’ll get a notification when you can play it! If you haven’t pre-saved yet, you can do it on this link.

Also, I had right about the preview of the songs while counting down. Today, we got the preview of Rift. Be sure to listen to the preview below.

I can see this is a song that can give many tears as Lullaby. The EP is an emotional road, and it feels so close to Kris, we get to know the story behind who he is.

Last and not least, check out the promotional photos together with HQ cover of Shower Thoughts in the gallery, taken by Michael Kumarov.

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