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Today (on July 27th), Kris released his single Get It from the upcoming EP Shower Thoughts. The song is written by Kris himself, his brother Daniel and his brother’s wife Maria Erke. It’s produced by himself, his brother Daniel and Sasha Xuman. This song is such an unique and well-produced song. We love how he opens up and finally let us see his vulnerable side both in writing and vocally. This makes us so excited for the rest of the songs from Shower Thoughts. He has told us before that this EP will be very personal and close to him. We’re more than proud to be here as a part of his journey, this is just the beginning of something big.

We also wanna promote the project that three girls (Darena, Helena and Vassiliki) have started on Instagram, contact them for more information than what you’ll get here. You will request Get It on local radio stations, but also request it outside your own country. We’ll put together a list of different European stations with links for requesting. Find your station on this link (to be updated, check it frequently for updated list).

Be sure to listen to Get It. You’ll find most of the links to the song below (you can find the lyrics in the video description), but also the official audio uploaded on Kris’ YouTube channel!

We also translated a mini-interview by the Russian Muz1.tv, where Kris tell us about Get It (if you visit from homepage, click on continue reading for the interview).

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“All my life I’ve been running around looking for a “home”

Kristian Kostov about a difficult period in his life

The new song called “Get it” is very significant for Kris, because he is fully revealed to his listeners.

– I wrote this song at a time when I felt not so bad, but rather nothing at all. I couldn’t find a place anywhere. Then I learned what panic attacks are… It wasn’t the best time in my life, Kris said.

Kristian repeated that it’s much easier for him to describe his thoughts and experiences in songs in English. As it turned out, he tried to find his place all his life.

– I’ve not been “my own” all my life. In Russia they called me a newcomer, and in Bulgaria they said, “What kind of Bulgarian are you, you’re more like a Kazakh”, in Kazakhstan they said, “Bulgarian!” … And they’re all right, because I am a crossbreed, both Bulgarian and Kazakh blood flows in me. But it’s not that. All my life I’ve been running around looking for a “home”, but everywhere I feel like an outsider, he said.

The idea of ​​a video for the new song is still kept secret, but it seems, in it we will see the new Kristian Kostov.

– I’m selfishly devoting this track to myself. This is my cure for bad thoughts. It was the creation of this work and the album as a whole that helped me to come to my senses. I think that many people, after listening to the song, will be able to find themselves, Kristian shared.

Article source: Muz1.tv, translated by Google and proof-read by me.

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