“Get it” – out on July 27th

We finally have an official release date for the first song from Kris’ EP! «Get it» will be out in a week (July 27th). Fun fact… Messy (one of the admins) was the one solving the puzzle about the date. Good job there! I’ll speak for us all that we’re so happy and excited about that it’s time for the release of one of the songs he has worked on the past year. His brother has answered a fan (on VK) that it’s just one of the songs that will be released now, the rest of the songs from the EP will be released shortly after «Get it», which we hope won’t be too far away. He’s probably gonna release the songs with his new label Polydor/Island Records, a part of Universal Music Group is something we’re almost as much proud of. 

Yes, he’s officially a part of the “UMG family” after being signed with Virginia Records since 2015, he will stay with them in the territory of Bulgaria but the rest of the world he belongs to the Polydor/Island Records.

And something more exciting is that Jowst and Kris are going to release Burning Bridges as a remix by Edwin Klift on August 3rd. We can’t wait to get hear the remix, we bet it’s epic as the EP will be!

We’ll update the site more often now when it’s finally been time for the release, but to be honest we’re mostly active on our social media, there you get daily updates! You find us as @KrisKostovDaily on Twitter and Instagram but also Kris Kostov Daily on Facebook.

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