“Wolves” cover by Kris Kostov – originally by Selena Gomez & Marshmello

Yesterday, Kris finally uploaded his forgotten cover that he did while he was in Spain in February. The cover of the song Wolves originally by Selena Gomez & Marshmello. We are so surprised how he even could forget he did this cover. It’s so raw and just perfect. You can notice it’s something very special with the cover, it’s a one take video.

I wanna quote Messy‘s message (one of KKD team‘s admins) in our group chat about the cover because she got it so right!

It’s so beautiful in both vocals and visuals.

I can’t agree more with my co-admin. This is such an aesthetic cover and the location is on point. If you haven’t watched the cover yet or want to rewatch you can find the video below.

Selena has been giving us lots of love with her music lately, so I decided to upload a cover of one of my favorite songs by her. Did this in February during my terrific trip to Spain and got too busy with the EP to edit the cover. BTW!!! This is the first recording I made with the amazing Shure Undyne mic that EBBA so kindly presented me with!! Dunno about you, but I love the sound. Warm and mello (bad pun alert!) – Kris Kostov

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