Kris and Neposedy performing at the ESC 2009 Opening Party

In Kris‘ Eurovision 2018 Top 10 video, there was something that caught our attention:
“(…) Eurovision 2009, I think it was, in Russia actually, and I was opening it with an act (…) It was, it IS a fun story, I don’t wanna explain everything, but…”

Russia hosted the Eurovision Song Contest in 2009, after Dima Bilan won in 2008. On May 10th there was a Red Carpet Opening Party in the Eurodom, attracting thousands of guests from all over Europe. There were several former winners of the ESC performing, and it turns out, so was the Russian children’s music group Neposedy (Непоседы).

Kris was a member of Neposedy from around the age of 6 until the age of 11, and in the Eurovision Potpourri he was playing the part of a member of the group ABBA. They had already performed their Eurovision Potpourri at the Russian national selection as well as at the draw for the running order of the semis and the final, and now it was time to enter the big stage in front of a large international audience!

In 2009, the winner was Norway’s Alexander Rybak (fun fact: Fairytale got 2 points from Bulgaria). Alexander is taking part again this year, and even made it to number 8 on Kris’ list of Top 10 entries for 2018. Kris has mentioned wanting to go to the ESC as an audience, who knows – maybe he’ll get to meet Alexander in Lisbon next week?

We have found the videos of the performances at both the Russian national selection and the Opening Party. Enjoy!

Opening Party May 10th 2009:

Russian national selection March 7th 2009:

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