TBT – Talking To The Moon Cover @ School of Music 2012

I thought it was about time to share very TBT this week. It’s the cover that Kris did of Bruno Mars song Talking to the moon on the Russian tv-show School of Music back in 2012. Which means that Kris was 12 years old, just think of that when you press play. He was already back then such an amazing singer.

Also.. I hope everything works fine on the site after we switched host earlier this week. I’ve got some amazing news to share and one bad one. I finally got back-up in the team, Nanna and Messy will join me here posting news and photos from now on. Rainna has family issues which ended up with that she can’t continue to be a part of the KKD team but hopefully everything will be solved but right now it’s like this and we need to accept it.

Anyway, please enjoy this week’s TBT below!

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