Interview with Wiwibloggs @ Moscow Eurovision Party 2018

Kris is one of the artists to preform at Moscow Eurovision Party 2018 tonight (April 7), and I can’t be happier about it since it means new content to publish for you. He had some time backstage earlier today before soundcheck to make an interview with one of the biggest and dedicated Eurovision blogs, Wiwibloggs.

I’m beyond happy that William (Wiwibloggs) got time to talk with Kris because this interview is one of my favorites with Kris, he can’t disappoint me when he’s doing interviews and etc. He’s so mature when he talks about his career and life in general. He is so true and doesn’t pretend to be someone else. He is Kristian Konstantinov Kostov.

I can’t wait to stay as a member in #TeamKris and get to follow Kris’ journey in the music industry and of course his devolvement. He can be something big if he really is dedicated and loves what he does. I can see the spark in his eyes today, hopefully it will stay that way in a few years and that we don’t lose the most humble and precious guy that exist on this earth.

I’ll update more videos and photos from the event later but for now I’ll just post the interview. Make sure you watch it below!

(He gives sneak peek about the EP release, it’s a bit creepy that I mentioned the EP in yesterday’s post.)

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