Going to Bulgaria, stuck in Moscow …

On the morning of Thursday April 26th, Kris and Maria went to the Sheremetyevo International Airport to catch the 8:20 flight to Sofia, Bulgaria. Kris was supposed to perform at the send off party for Equinox, which most of you probably by now know to be the Bulgarian representative at Eurovision 2018 in Lisbon.

Well, no such luck … Kris and Maria arrived at the airport in time, checked their luggage and went to the passport control. A large number of people were there, so Kris and Maria had to wait in line for 2 hours and unfortunately missed their flight, as did many other passengers. Afterwards no one wanted to take responsibility for what happened, and Kris and Maria had to spend several hours at the airport retrieving their luggage, and trying to get a ticket refund, as they spent almost 600 €. This is an issue which haven’t been resolved yet. Kris was really upset on behalf of other passengers, since there were people who really couldn’t afford to stay three more nights in Moscow waiting for an available flight.

Kris apologised to his Bulgarian fans, both in his Instagram story and on Twitter, and told them he’s really sorry he wouldn’t be able to attend the send off party after all. There were no other flights going to Sofia in time for the party, but he wished them the best of luck. We would of course all love to see Kris perform with Equinox again, but sometimes things happen over which we have no control.

We have compiled the Instagram stories of Kris and Maria chronologically, to give you a sense of today’s airport adventure. See the video here:

This article is based on Instagram story translations done by kkk.stories

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