Compilation of videos from Eurovision Party in Moscow

First of all, I wanna say how sorry I’m for such inactivity on news (I have been updating the gallery) but because my mental health has unstable curves that can go to bottom all sudden and because of that we’re still searching for people to join us and help us because if we can’t find someone I’m scared I’ll need to end and close this site. I don’t want that but I feel such a pressure to give you all latest news but my mental health is stopping me. So please, apply to join by fill in the form in this post.

But right now… I wanna share the latest videos Nanna (Devoted TeamKris) uploaded on her youtube channel from the Moscow Eurovision Party 2018 last saturday (April 7). Sadly I as said in the earlier post the  “livestream” performances she uploaded got deleted because of stupid copyright but Nanna received some fan-recorded videos (by kostov_land @ instagram) that still is up on her channel and she also uploaded a long video of Insta stories from the event.

And I noticed the other day that Wiwibloggs has the “livestream” performance of “Beautiful Mess” that still is available to watch so I added that one below too!

Enjoy, thanks for still visiting the site. <3

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