Vlog from Kris’ fan meeting on March 17th

First of all I really need to say so sorry because of how late this post is… Kris uploaded this vlog on his YouTube channel for two days ago xD But the latest days my main focus has been to get the gallery layout to work out (but also some personal issues) as I want but I still working on the layout. The issue is the part to get the Coppermine Gallery theme as responsive coding, it’s still a bit new for me to code responsive.

But besides that we have some amazing news! Nanna aka Devoted TeamKris has officially joined KKD! Her main thing in the team is to upload photos in the gallery but hopefully she’ll be a part of blogging later on.

If you haven’t watched the vlog or wanna watch it again you can press play below. I love his undercover prank and how himself he is. He’s so adorable and silly! But he’s also very inspiring. He always says we should be who we are and be proud. And I take all his words so seriously, since I’m a very easy target of feeling that I’m not good enough. But I shouldn’t write anything more about this here. Enjoy the vlog! It’s in Russian (ofc) but for the first time he added english subtitles <3

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