Interview with ViewSofia (The most beautiful Bulgarian in 2017)

The Beauty Within …

Usually beautiful remains hidden for the eyes, because it is not only the vision, the intellect, or the way of dressing.

Beauty lies in the soul, in the sensation, in the emotions … and especially in the understanding of others and the sensitivity towards the world.

Today, with the most beautiful Bulgarian in 2017 , winning the next edition of our ranking – Kristan Kostov, we try to go beyond the usual beautiful, and “sing” things in a different way.

VS: Most beautiful in our Ranking is not tantamount to “Beauty is symmetry”.What is unsymmetrical for you to win our audience?
KK: Honestly, I do not think I won in your ranking because of my appearance. Winning is not mine as well as winning other competitions. The victory is #TeamKris, my fandom. They once again made me very proud and happy!

VS: How do you interpret the term “handsome”?
KK: I think every man is beautiful in one way or another. When honest, it can not be handsome. Beauty is a relative thing and you can not like it all, it’s a matter of taste.

VS: Appearance is very important, is it more important than the rest? 
KK: It is important, yes, but only for the first impression. At least you have to find your style and meet the standards of personal hygiene, that is. But, no matter how beautiful you are, you will not like it if there is nothing else under that beauty.

VS: What do you most often think you like most? 
KK: My eyes. I do not like the color of my eyes myself and I would change it.

VS: And what do you like about the others? 
KK: I can not say exactly, a question of feeling.

VS: The most beautiful refrain? 
KK: The one who is remembered for a long time.

VS: The most beautiful word for love? 
KK: Acceptance.

VS: Is your mirror a friend? 
KK: 100%! It’s important to know when I look good, because they often shoot me. Many people ask me ” what should I do to look better on photos? ”. I think the most important thing for this kind of photos is preparation.

VS: What is the most beautiful gesture you did or did for you? 
KK: I can not choose one because there are really many. Every time I make fan meetings, they give me many drawings, letters, poems. All of these things inspire me, and for this reason I can only choose one.

VS: Is it ugly the opposite of a beautiful one? 
KC: Many people take the difference as ugly and it’s sad.

VS: Is Darkness Reverse Light? 
KK: Only sometimes.

VS: Is the story of “The Ugly Duck” true every time? 
KK: I do not know if you know, but before I was low and quite full. On the Internet you can find some of my photos from 2010-2012, you will laugh very long. So in my case this fairy tale is true.

VS: Beautiful mess? Explain? 
KK: My hair every morning.

VS: Now, where? 
KK: EP album.

VS: Kristian is … 
KK: Secret Agent of the KGB (laughs)

Article source – ViewSofia

Note: Translated from Bulgarian with Google Translate

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