Burning Bridges by JOWST ft. Kristian Kostov is out!

Kris released his new single yesterday (on March 9). Burning Bridges is produced and written by Joakim With Steen (JOWST). Kris got the honor to be the vocalist on his song. JOWST represented Norway in Eurovision 2017 together with Aleksander Walmann while Kris represented Bulgaria. Burning Bridges is a song that was an instrumental in different versions when Kris got the question to join. I think his vocals fits so well to the song, I hope they will do another song together soon again. You can find the links to the song below and an interview from Eurovision.tv (that you can find by clicking on Continue reading if you’re on the frontpage)

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The two participants of the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest have teamed up together to work on a new song. Kristian Kostov, who represented Bulgaria, and Norway’s JOWST have released a single together, ‘Burning Bridges’.

Kristian and JOWST met as rivals during the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest but ended up as friend and now almost a year later they are working together and have released a new single called Burning Bridges. We caught up with the pair ahead of the release.

How did this collaboration come about?

JOWST: We met a few times before the Eurovision final and Kristian told me he liked my song and the production. He said he would like to work with us sometime in the future. So after releasing my second single ThatFeeling along with Aleksander Walmann, I thought it was about time to work with someone else as well, as Aleksander was doing his own thing. So I contacted Kris, maybe three times, and presented some instrumentals.

Kristian Kostov: JOWST offered me the song Burning Bridges in November and as soon as my brother heard it, he said “We are doing it for sure. It is high-level stuff”. My brother is a music producer as well, so he got along with JOWST immediately. Together, we discussed the different versions of the song and chose the best one.

Are there any artists from Eurovision that you would like to work with in the future?

JOWST: For sure. I love to work with talented people or just artists that work hard. I have started collaborating with many of them. Levina, Nathan Trent, Martina Barta, Sunstroke Project, Naviband, Manel Navarro and Norma John has been working with me on new ideas/songs and remixes. There will be at least one more Eurovision-related collaboration in the future.

Kristian Kostov: I am looking forward to fresh blood in Eurovision in 2018, also I have lots of work right now, so there is no time to plan that much.

What’s your favourite memory from Kyiv?

Kristian Kostov: The people and the food. I was a little stressed before coming to Kyiv, due to political tensions between Russia, where I live, and Ukraine. However, I was amazed at how kind everybody was and how glad they were to have me. Special thanks to the administration who organised the 2017 event, it was one of the best experiences in my life!

JOWST: My favourite memory from Kyiv must be all the nice people I got to meet on a daily basis in the arena. Both the artists, their teams, the people working with us and with organising inside the arena, and everyone who was blogging and writing about us.

What advice would you give to someone who is entering the contest?

Kristian Kostov: Don’t think of your ranking and all the stupid predictions on who will win. Also, and I cannot stress this enough, DO NOT try to win. If you see that your song is not in the typical format of Eurovision and you know there is no way you will win with it, still do it, if it is a good song. You don’t need to win, you need your song and style to be heard. The contest will be your biggest achievement as a singer.

JOWST: Just be friends with the others. Be as you would like others to be with you. Make a show, and be an artist that you can be proud of. Answer and include your friends, family, and fans with the massive power of your phone. Be present in that lovely moment that you have been so lucky to be a part of.

Article source: Eurovision.tv

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