Burning Bridges by JOWST ft. Kristian Kostov is out!
Burning Bridges by JOWST ft. Kristian Kostov is out!

Kris released his new single yesterday (on March 9). Burning Bridges is produced and written by Joakim With Steen (JOWST). Kris got the honor to be the vocalist on his song. JOWST represented Norway in Eurovision 2017 together with Aleksander Walmann while Kris represented Bulgaria. Burning Bridges is a song that was an instrumental in different versions when Kris got the question to join. I think his vocals fits so well to the song, I hope they will do another song together soon again. You can find the links to the song below and an interview from Eurovision.tv (that you can find by clicking on Continue reading if you’re on the frontpage)

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Interview with SirK Magazine
Interview with SirK Magazine

Hello Kristian and welcome to our Sir K interview. You are about to turn 18 and your music career is already something many people would dream to have. How does it make you feel?

K: I just don’t feel that way. I think I’m just getting started and there is a lot to come!

Although Europe got to know you better thanks to the last Eurovision Song Contest, you started your career way before, in Russia. When you were only 6 years old, you entered the creative children studio Neposedy, which previously hosted also the future t.A.T.u. members Julia Volkova and Lena Katina. How was that experience and what was the group about?

K: The experience was priceless. The discipline, the basics of music theory, vocal and dance lessons, acting classes etc. This is where I learned the ropes.

Being so young, what was the role of your family in your career at the time?

K: Well, first of all, my family and I work together at the moment. My brother is my manager/music producer. We write music together, tour together and so on. My mum, dad and aunt are helping us a lot too, so it’s like a family thing. And, of course, they are just being the best family ever, so I’m a lucky guy!

In 2011 you started to pursue your solo career and in 2014 you starred in the first season of the talent show The Voice Kids, Russia. What can you tell us about that experience?

K: Back then I was really different from who I am today. And “The Voice” changed my life completely! I started to get my first paid gigs, and it was so strange to me. I was given so many new opportunities because of the show.

How was it to be on a massive TV production at the age of 14?

K: So, as you might know, Channel 1 is the biggest TV-channel in Russia, and I knew that, but I wasn’t scared or anything, maybe because of my young age. I think I didn’t even care about anything, I was just having fun. BUT, the thing that I’ve learned from the show is that, even on TV, you don’t get second chances, and also, not everything is fake, I mean planned and staged beforehand, like most people think.

Your coach on The Voice was Dima Bilan. How was it to work along with such a relevant star?

K: I think that he is the best artist in Russia. He’s been through a lot of good and bad things and that’s why he is who he is. Talented, intelligent, an incredible singer and performer, and also a great actor. It was my honour to work with him.

Are you still in touch with Dima?

K: Yeah, in a way. We are not chatting or talking a lot, but whenever I achieve something, I let him know. If he is free, he will always tell me what he thinks about this and that. The thing that I like the most about him is that he is always honest and approachable.

How did you feel after being eliminated from The Voice?

K: I won’t lie, failing after trying your best hurts: it is frustrating and gut- wrenching… But everything has worked out pretty well for me in the end. After the show, I dedicated myself to hard work, and hard work always pays off, no matter what.

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Kristian answers fan questions (Q&A with MusiconeTV)
Kristian answers fan questions (Q&A with MusiconeTV)

I have planned to share this video for some days but things came in the way. If you didn’t knew, Nanna from Devoted TeamKris is collaborating with us (she’s a fan page that I asked if she wanted to join KKD but we decided to continue as two sources but share each other’s news) and she suggested to post this video and I love this interview.  It’s a Q&A in Russian that Kris did with MusiconeTV last month. Turn on CC for english subtitles. The interview/Q&A is translated by Anastasia Medvedeva and subtitles added by Nanna. Enjoy the video below!

TBT – Kris performing Sorry by Justin Bieber @ X Factor Bulgaria
TBT – Kris performing Sorry by Justin Bieber @ X Factor Bulgaria

This week, we decided to highlight another performance by Kris when he competed in The X-Factor Bulgaria season 4 (2015/2016). This is one of our personal favorites to fall in the performance category of things we loved seeing from Kris during his X Factor days. This is just more proof of how talented he is.

I can’t believe he turns 18 in around two weeks. Before then I really hope we can announce something you all will love. We received an unexpected message on our Facebook today that can and may change the future of this site. All we can say is that it’s a close source/contact to Kris. But we won’t get into further details before we receive more information. But we can say… Enjoy this week’s TBT video! Lots of love from us.

Kris testing Hellenic food (ft. the Greek YouTuber Manuella)
Kris testing Hellenic food (ft. the Greek YouTuber Manuella)

While Kris was in Greece for some days this month, he visited the Greek YouTuber Manuella to make a YouTube collaboration video. She had prepared some different Hellenic dishes (Greek food) for him to try out. Since Kris is obsessed over food this was heaven for him. He’s in love with food. The reaction from him of most of the dishes was positive. He’s the food king xD I really loved this collaboration with Kris and Manuella. Be sure to watch the video below, subscribe to her and Kris.

#TeamKris fan meeting in Athens, Greece (25.02.18)
#TeamKris fan meeting in Athens, Greece (25.02.18)

Kris had a fan meeting with #TeamKrisGreece at Six Dogs in Athens, Greece on February 25th. He’s very active on his Instagram (@kristian_kostov_official) when he meets us in #TeamKris. He’s very good at keeping his instagram updated daily not only at fan meetings. I decided to share the videos from his story from the meeting.

In one of these videos from yesterday, he said to a girl to not cry and gave her a hug. I put together the videos into a single one that I uploaded on our site’s YouTube. Be sure to subscribe to us and turn on notifications!

I met him in person last summer when he visited Sweden to make an appearance in a live broadcasting tv-show where he performed Beautiful Mess. All I can say by talking to him, he is the sweetest.

(We wanna apologize for the issues we had with the site the latest days. The last issue was solved this morning thanks to our amazing host Flaunt Network. They’ve been so supportive and we recommend them if you’re thinking of starting a fansite.)

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