Kristian Kostov & Natasha Kay – Beautiful Mess (Duet version)
Kristian Kostov & Natasha Kay – Beautiful Mess (Duet version)

I scrolled through our twitter feed earlier this hour and saw that Nanna (Devoted TeamKris) had shared this amazing cover of Beautiful Mess. The Greek singer Natasha Kay and Kris recorded a cover of Beautiful Mess as a duet when he visited Greece last month. I’m shook of how much talent that exists in this video. The first thing I noticed when Kris started to sing was how mature his vocals are in this version. It’s because he recorded the original version of Beautiful Mess when he was 16 years old and of course his singing technique has improved a lot since then. Be sure to watch the video below and don’t forget subscribe to their YouTube channels: Natasha Kay and Kris Kostov.

Mega post of Kris’ photo session with Daniil Velichko
Mega post of Kris’ photo session with Daniil Velichko

I’ve added over 50 pictures in the gallery from the photo session that Kris had with the Russian photographer Daniil Velichko (PRO Production) last year. This photo session is one of my favorites of Kris. He is such a photogenic aesthetic human being it’s unbelievable. All photos are uploaded in the gallery but the ones below are my four personal favorites.

Photoshoots > 2017 > Daniil Velichko

(Also…I’m sorry for the mess going on in the gallery but I’m trying to get it more sorted and easy to navigate on all kinds of devices.)

Kris’ birthday event in Moscow (18.03.17)
Kris’ birthday event in Moscow (18.03.17)

Yesterday (March 17), Kris had a fan meeting event in Moscow, Russia for his 18th birthday that was on March 15. It’s so nice of him to arrange a birthday bash that he invited the Russian #TeamKris to join. I found some videos from the event on YouTube uploaded by the channel katerinkadar. Big thank you to her for uploading these videos! You can watch the videos below. ENJOY!


Kris’ latest musical.lys compilation
Kris’ latest musical.lys compilation

Kris has a account where he’s active back and forth. I wanted to post something on the site today and I thought it could nice to share his three latest musical.lys with our readers and visitors. I download them and edited them into a mini compilation to upload on our YouTube channel. Enjoy the aesthetic boi’s latest musical.lys below and of course follow his official account @KrisKostovOfficial!

and… don’t forget to stream Burning Bridges on Spotify or buy it on iTunes. Have a great Saturday everyone!

Kristian Kostov 18th Birthday Video (18.03.15)

I’m so happy that I managed to finish a short video to the birthday boi yesterday (I changed the date for publish, in case you  wondering why it’s up on March 15th) but I didn’t had time to publish the video on the site last night because I’m currently on a weekend vacation. But I have my computer with me so I can update the site better and finish the video. It’s very simple but I love it even if it’s raw because of Kris and that I used my favorite song “My Turn” by the Swedish singer-songwriter John Lundvik. I think the song has similar meaning as Kris’ story. Enjoy the video below!



The big day is finally here. Kristian Konstantinov Kostov is officially 18 years old! For one year and two days ago I discovered him for the first time when Eurovision announced the Bulgarian represent 2017 and his song “Beautiful Mess”. That day changed my life. I can’t be more happy for the decision to join #TeamKris, I’m one of the oldest fans he has but I don’t care. He makes me happy and that’s the only thing that matters to me. To celebrate this big day, I wanted to do a project that in the end ended up smaller than what I wanted for some months ago. But I’ve some surprises coming later today but for now I want to share two tributes I made last year.

Last and not least…HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY KRIS! Enjoy the day with your family and friends.

Interview with ViewSofia (The most beautiful Bulgarian in 2017)
Interview with ViewSofia (The most beautiful Bulgarian in 2017)

The Beauty Within …

Usually beautiful remains hidden for the eyes, because it is not only the vision, the intellect, or the way of dressing.

Beauty lies in the soul, in the sensation, in the emotions … and especially in the understanding of others and the sensitivity towards the world.

Today, with the most beautiful Bulgarian in 2017 , winning the next edition of our ranking – Kristan Kostov, we try to go beyond the usual beautiful, and “sing” things in a different way.

VS: Most beautiful in our Ranking is not tantamount to “Beauty is symmetry”.What is unsymmetrical for you to win our audience?
KK: Honestly, I do not think I won in your ranking because of my appearance. Winning is not mine as well as winning other competitions. The victory is #TeamKris, my fandom. They once again made me very proud and happy!

VS: How do you interpret the term “handsome”?
KK: I think every man is beautiful in one way or another. When honest, it can not be handsome. Beauty is a relative thing and you can not like it all, it’s a matter of taste.

VS: Appearance is very important, is it more important than the rest? 
KK: It is important, yes, but only for the first impression. At least you have to find your style and meet the standards of personal hygiene, that is. But, no matter how beautiful you are, you will not like it if there is nothing else under that beauty.

VS: What do you most often think you like most? 
KK: My eyes. I do not like the color of my eyes myself and I would change it.

VS: And what do you like about the others? 
KK: I can not say exactly, a question of feeling.

VS: The most beautiful refrain? 
KK: The one who is remembered for a long time.

VS: The most beautiful word for love? 
KK: Acceptance.

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