Photos from recent studio sessions @ Sweetmusicpro
Photos from recent studio sessions @ Sweetmusicpro

Kris is currently in the studio to record new material for us. I can’t be more excited for the planned EP. I’m desperate in need of a release date, hopefully we’ll get it soon. But until then I’ve added 12 photos from the sessions in the studio at Sweetmusicpro in Moscow, Russia on April 5th and 6th.

The photos are from Kris’ instagram (@kristian_kostov_official) but also from Kris’ creative and event manager Edmon Kocharyan (@edmonmario). You can find all photos uploaded in the gallery, be sure to check them out!

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Help needed! Apply to join KKD!

Hey #TeamKris, we’re in desperate need of help! We made the decision to let one or two from #TeamKris to join Kris Kostov Daily to help us update the site, we’re mostly in need of someone to help us to update the “blog” together with us.

Our mental healths and personal lives are very unsteady at the moment and we can’t update the site as much as we want to and that’s why we need your help.

We request you to be free for most of the week, that means… we require that you’ll have time to update the site combined with school, work ect.

It would be amazing if you understand Russian and/or Bulgarian because then we could post news that isn’t translated by Google. It’s not a need, it’s just a bonus!

If you have a fanpage on Insta, Twitter or Facebook please link it in the application form below.

Application deadline TBA.

We’ll get back to you when receive your application. Good luck!

(If you experience any problems with the application form please send us an email instead with same information as the form below.)

If you reading this post on the front page please click on “continue reading” to find the application form.

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IDGAF cover by Kristian Kostov & Natasha Kay

Earlier this afternoon Kris posted a new cover on his YouTube channel of Dua Lipa‘s “IDGAF” together with the Greek YouTuber and singer Natasha Kay. I posted a video of them singing Beautiful Mess for some week ago (where you can find here). They recorded this while Kris was in Greece earlier this year and I’m in love with their voices together. The cover is fantastic and Kris Kostov Daily co-owner and my best friend Rainna is a big fan of Dua. I wanted her to post this but sadly since it’s a time difference between Europe and USA she hasn’t time to post it this as quick as I could. So I hope you’re fine with that I posted this for you R. <3

Enjoy the cover and please subscribe to Kris and Natasha!

Kris’ description of the video:

It was so much fun to make this cover! We kinda tried to keep it family-friendly and not say THE WORD, but in the end I messed up! (as always 0_0) Though it was too funny to cut it out, so I hope you laugh as much as we did!

TBT – Kris singing Give Me Love on the streets of London (17.04.01)
TBT – Kris singing Give Me Love on the streets of London (17.04.01)

I thought since we sadly didn’t post our weekly TBT last thursday I could post this short video of Kris singing “Give Me Love” originally by Ed Sheeran on the streets of London during his Eurovision promo tour. He joined the pre-party in London for exactly one year ago! I also wanna say that I’ll spam the gallery with photos from Eurovision 2017 in the upcoming days, I added a couple of photos earlier today that you can find in the gallery. (Will be added into this post later)

Enjoy the video below!

Vlog from Kris’ fan meeting on March 17th
Vlog from Kris’ fan meeting on March 17th

First of all I really need to say so sorry because of how late this post is… Kris uploaded this vlog on his YouTube channel for two days ago xD But the latest days my main focus has been to get the gallery layout to work out (but also some personal issues) as I want but I still working on the layout. The issue is the part to get the Coppermine Gallery theme as responsive coding, it’s still a bit new for me to code responsive.

But besides that we have some amazing news! Nanna aka Devoted TeamKris has officially joined KKD! Her main thing in the team is to upload photos in the gallery but hopefully she’ll be a part of blogging later on.

If you haven’t watched the vlog or wanna watch it again you can press play below. I love his undercover prank and how himself he is. He’s so adorable and silly! But he’s also very inspiring. He always says we should be who we are and be proud. And I take all his words so seriously, since I’m a very easy target of feeling that I’m not good enough. But I shouldn’t write anything more about this here. Enjoy the vlog! It’s in Russian (ofc) but for the first time he added english subtitles <3

Kris attended TEENS Awards 2018 in Moscow on March 26th
Kris attended TEENS Awards 2018 in Moscow on March 26th

Kris joined the TEENS Awards (a concert with participants from New Wave, Children’s New Wave, Eurovision, Junior Eurovision, The Voice Russia and The Voice Kids Russia) at MIR Concert Hall in Moscow last night (March 26). He performed Burning Bridges on stage and he slayed as always. And I uploaded four red carpet photos in the gallery (to be updated). He’s a tall fella, yes. I know since I felt so tiny by his side when I met him last summer. Enjoy the performance of Burning Bridges. (Thanks once again Nanna for sharing all these videos)

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TBT – Stripped Down Challenge

For this week’s TBT, we’ve decided to go with an old favorite of ours from Kris’ YouTube channel! The video is titled “REAL ME- stripped down challenge-Kristian Kostov” and is about who he really is as a person. How his childhood was, what he aspires to be, the family he grew up with. He’s open and honest to #TeamKris and it shows his beautiful soul and his personality in such a raw way to use that is inspiring.

Kristian Kostov is truly an inspiration for so many of those who dream to be artists like himself. By posting this video, he proved just that. Kris’ music and being may inspire us as a team to push for what we want to do in our lives and is a good role-model to follow throughout our journeys into whatever we plan on going towards.

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