TBT – Talking To The Moon Cover @ School of Music 2012
TBT – Talking To The Moon Cover @ School of Music 2012

I thought it was about time to share very TBT this week. It’s the cover that Kris did of Bruno Mars song Talking to the moon on the Russian tv-show School of Music back in 2012. Which means that Kris was 12 years old, just think of that when you press play. He was already back then such an amazing singer.

Also.. I hope everything works fine on the site after we switched host earlier this week. I’ve got some amazing news to share and one bad one. I finally got back-up in the team, Nanna and Messy will join me here posting news and photos from now on. Rainna have family issues which ended up with that she can’t continue to be a part of the KKD team but hopefully everything will be solved but right now it’s like this and we need to accept it.

Anyway, please enjoy this week’s TBT below!

Equinox & Kristian Kostov Wiwibloggs Interview @ EiC 2018

William from Wiwibloggs interviewed Kris and Equinox yesterday at Eurovision in Concert 2018 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I don’t have so much more to say more for now (may be updated)…

Enjoy the interview!

(Oh wait, in case you experence maintenance on the site it’s because we’re switching host. I sadly got so tired of all ads that we have to show on the site that our current host requires. But I’ve now spend some money to get ride of them. I don’t mean that Flaunt isn’t a good host, they are one of the best fansite hosting but I can’t stand the ads. More posts and images be up when everything is ready.)

Equinox feat. Kristian Kostov – Bones (Live @ EiC 2018)

Kris joined Equinox (Bulgarian act for Eurovision 2018) for one night only at Eurovision in Concert 2018 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands on April 14!

Wiwibloggs finally uploaded the amazing performance of these talented singers and “Bones” is such a great song. I’m rooting for Equinox and their song “Bones” to win this year. Bulgaria delivers amazing songs and acts since the comeback in 2016. It sucks that Kris didn’t win last year though, he’s so well-deserved all this attention. But he won something… our hearts (or triangles) right #TeamKris?

Enjoy the performance!

I’ll do more updates from Eurovision in Concert 2018 in the morning. I stayed up to post the performance this fast for you. Good night!

(UPDATED) I found a better quality version of the performance, it’s closer to the stage. The video is uploaded by EuroVisionary!

Exciting news about Eurovision In Concert 2018 in Amsterdam
Exciting news about Eurovision In Concert 2018 in Amsterdam

Exciting news reached me earlier today when a notification showed up on my phone. It was a retweet by Kris where it was accounced that he will perform at 10th annual Eurovision in Concert together with Equinox (this year’s Eurovision Bulgarian act) at the arena AFAS Live in Amsterdam, the Netherlands on April 14 (tomorrow).

The event will take place in a different venue than the past years it’s going to be held in AFAS Live, Amsterdam’s biggest concert halls, it’s huge compared to the old venue Melkweg. EIC is the biggest promo/pre-party for Eurovision, an annual event since 10 years back.

Kris joined Eurovision In Concert last year too, and I’m so happy he gets to experience it again this year. It’s tickets available to buy so if you live in Amsterdam or can travel you should buy your tickets on the link here and read more info on their official site, like which other acts that will join the concert.

I thought since the weekly TBT didn’t get published yesterday I decided to share the performance from last year’s EIC in this post because it’s worth sharing on the site. I hope you enjoy the late TBT.

Credit for the video EuroVisionary on Youtube and for the featured photo BNT Eurovision Bulgaria‘s head of press, Vasil Ivanov.

Compilation of videos from Eurovision Party in Moscow
Compilation of videos from Eurovision Party in Moscow

First of all, I wanna say how sorry I’m for such inactivity on news (I have been updating the gallery) but because my mental health has unstable curves that can go to bottom all sudden and because of that we’re still searching for people to join us and help us because if we can’t find someone I’m scared I’ll need to end and close this site. I don’t want that but I feel such a pressure to give you all latest news but my mental health is stopping me. So please, apply to join by fill in the form in this post.

But right now… I wanna share the latest videos Nanna (Devoted TeamKris) uploaded on her youtube channel from the Moscow Eurovision Party 2018 last saturday (April 7). Sadly I as said in the earlier post the  “livestream” performances she uploaded got deleted because of stupid copyright but Nanna received some fan-recorded videos (by kostov_land @ instagram) that still is up on her channel and she also uploaded a long video of Insta stories from the event.

And I noticed the other day that Wiwibloggs has the “livestream” performance of “Beautiful Mess” that still is available to watch so I added that one below too!

Enjoy, thanks for still visiting the site. <3

Red carpet interview with Wiwibloggs @ Moscow Eurovision Party 2018
Red carpet interview with Wiwibloggs @ Moscow Eurovision Party 2018

William from Wiwibloggs got a second interview with Kris yesterday (April 7) on the red carpet at Moscow Eurovision Party 2018, held at the mall VEGAS Kuntsevo in Moscow, Russia.

I’m still so proud of the boi, because he’s so professional and mature when he talks about something that he loves and that it’s very easy to notice how he much he has devolved as a person since last year. Like that he seems to accept how the life for him changed after Eurovision last year with all work and other stuff because he’s learning to be an adult and that’s a big difference since the raw “REAL ME – stripped down challenge” he did last summer and uploaded on his YouTube channel (Kris Kostov), without cutting the video, just the truth from his soul.

Rainna posted that video as TBT a few weeks ago here on KKD, you can find the post on this link)

I also wanna say that I promised more updates today but the struggle to get up the performances changed how my day succeeded. I saw Nanna’s videos was gone because of copyright issues when I was going to share them. So they will not be up until I find another solution. But I’m planning to update the gallery with a lots of photos from the event tomorrow.

But now back to what this post is about. I recommend you all to watch this interview (but of course the first one too) because William gets him to tell some more details about the upcomingEP. I can’t be more excited, really.

Enjoy the interview!

(William and Kris has such a good time when they meet on Eurovision events. It’s not hard to enjoy their interviews because William is something else and I adore him.)

Interview with Wiwibloggs @ Moscow Eurovision Party 2018
Interview with Wiwibloggs @ Moscow Eurovision Party 2018

Kris is one of the artists to preform at Moscow Eurovision Party 2018 tonight (April 7), and I can’t be happier about it since it means new content to publish for you. He had some time backstage earlier today before soundcheck to make an interview with one of the biggest and dedicated Eurovision blogs, Wiwibloggs.

I’m beyond happy that William (Wiwibloggs) got time to talk with Kris because this interview is one of my favorites with Kris, he can’t disappoint me when he’s doing interviews and etc. He’s so mature when he talks about his career and life in general. He is so true and doesn’t pretend to be someone else. He is Kristian Konstantinov Kostov.

I can’t wait to stay as a member in #TeamKris and get to follow Kris’ journey in the music industry and of course his devolvement. He can be something big if he really is dedicated and loves what he does. I can see the spark in his eyes today, hopefully it will stay that way in a few years and that we don’t lose the most humble and precious guy that exist on this earth.

I’ll update more videos and photos from the event later but for now I’ll just post the interview. Make sure you watch it below!

(He gives sneak peek about the EP release, it’s a bit creepy that I mentioned the EP in yesterday’s post.)

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